Codice Etico

Annual Report

Penta Preziosi snc verifies that all the precious materials used in the production cycle are ethical and sustainable in compliance with RJC standards.

The management system of Penta Preziosi snc in fact provides policies and procedures with clear responsibilities and adequate training for the personnel involved to ensure the correct implementation of the "Due diligence for responsible procurement from areas of conflict and high risk", in accordance with the requirements of the RJC. COP 2019, point 7, and the OECD Guide, Step 5.

The system provides that a risk assessment is carried out every year on the occasion of the Management Review.

Penta Preziosi snc has carried out due diligence towards its business partners in order to verify any deviations from the OECD guidelines:

  • No human rights or legal compliance risks were identified;
  • Transactions are considered low risk and audits performed comply with RJC principles

18th January 2023